The ROP type laser methane detector developed by Actech is applied in PG&E,USA.



December 7, 2016
(Washington,D.C. – December 07, 2016) Pacific Gas and Electric Company(PG&E) became the first energy company in the U.S. to pilot an innovativemethane detection device developed for the MethaneDetectors Challenge (MDC), a groundbreaking partnership betweenEnvironmental Defense Fund (EDF), oil and gas companies and distributors,U.S.-based technology developers, and other experts.
The technology, which is being tested as atool to continuously monitor for unplanned releases of methane, was installedlast month at a PG&E natural gas storage facility.

Methane, the keycomponent of natural gas, is emitted across the U.S. oil and gas supply chainat a rate of more than 9.8 million metric tons per year. Technologies thatcontinuously detect methane emissions offer opportunities to not only improveair quality and operational efficiency, but also recapture resources that wouldotherwise be wasted—all while limiting contributions to climate change.About 25 percent of today’s global warming is driven by emissions of methane, apotent greenhouse gas.
Continuous 24-hour monitoring offered by thistechnology could cut the time it takes to detect leaks from months to hours. Thiswould lead to improved environmental performance and operational efficiency ofgas infrastructure.

“At PG&E, we believe that climate changeis, in fact, a reality and we maintain a steadfast conviction to doing all wecan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The State of California has set cleargoals regarding emissions reductions, which PG&E proudly supports and isactively working to help achieve. This work with EDF and innovative methanedetection technologies will be instrumental to this effort as well as oursupport of industry partners as they set and achieve their own emissionsreductions goals,” said Gas Regulatory Senior Director Jim Howe.

The low-cost laser technology being pilotedby PG&E was developed by Acutect Inc., a San-Francisco-based startupcompany. The Acutect technology was selected as one of 20 submissions receivedas part of the Methane Detectors Challenge, which aims to catalyze and bring tomarket new technologies that quickly detect methane leaks. By working withEDF’s oil, gas and utility partners, Acutect will gain insight and data abouthow its solar-powered design performs under field conditions.

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