Product features:

1.High measurement accuracy.Detect in PPM,tiny leakage warning is possible,to prevent any possible danger to the maximum extent,
2.Highly selective to gases.Only reactive to Methane(main content of Natural gas),or Propane(main content of petroleum gas),
3.Will not absorbed by alcohol,CO(carbon monoxide)and other combustible gases,
4.False or failure alarm will not happen because of temperature ,moisture,smoke, alcohol etc. affection,
5.Long life time,with 2 years warranty,the actual working time will be more than 5 years,
6.The detecting unit can be disassembled and wiped clean without any calibration,
7.Integrated switch control,remote communication function.

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Available gas detectors that deploy technologies such as flame ionization must be positioned within the leak plume to detect the presence of methane. The RMLD does not have to be within the gas plume because it uses laser technology known as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy. When the laser passes through a gas plume, the methane absorbs a portion of the light, which the RMLD then detects. This quantum leap in technology makes it possible to detect methane leaks along the sight line without always having to walk the full length of the service line.


The Laser methane Remote Detector consists of two interactive components; a transceiver subsystem and a signal processing/user interface controller. The transceiver has two lasers; an infrared laser beam that is non-visible. The red/green spotter laser is similar to those used for presentation pointers.

How Does It Work?

When the infrared laser beam is transmitted from the launch port some of the laser light is reflected by normal background such as brick, concrete, grass, etc., to the detector. This reflected light is collected and converted to an electrical signal that carries the information needed to deduce the relative methane concentration. This signal is processed so that methane concentrations can be reported in ppm-m. The laser has a maximum distance of up to fifty meters and is selective to methane only. It will not false alarm on other hydrocarbons.






Storage Temperature -40 - 80
Operating Temperature 0 - 40
Working Humidity - - 98 %
Working Pressure 80 - 116 kPa
Measuring Range 0 - 100 %
Measuring Accuracy* 0.01~1.00 CH4 ±0.01%
1.00~100 True value±6%
Response Time - 2 8 s
Display Resolution 100 - - PPM
Power - 0.1 0.3 W
Size Φ100 X H50 mm
Operating Voltage 100~240V AC 或 9V DC
Communication GPRS / WiFi / Bluetooth / ZigBee / wired etc.
* For more information, please contact our sales department.